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How to Organize Kids Crafts with Upcycled Craft Caddy

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Sometimes it can feel like finding the perfect decor piece is like searching for a unicorn — fun, but futile. But what if you could transform ANY #closeenough item into perfect color to suit your style? I’m here to show you that not only can you spray paint metal, but it’s often the perfect way to create statement DIY home decor on a budget!

Read on to find out exactly how you can spray paint any metal item to turn it into the perfect decor piece, today.


Can you spray paint metal? Yes, and this is why you should!

You guys know me as a KonMari addict…but did you also know that I am a certified trash whisperer?

Some of my favorite places to find “hidden treasure” include our recycling center and along the side of the road on trash day.

But I didn’t stumble upon this sweet spinning caddy on the side of the road. Instead, I found it on the stairway to Heaven.

That is to say, Goodwill (at least, that’s how I feel about Goodwill).

Here is what my spinning caddy looked like before I whispered to her. Yikes! So much…red.

Let’s just say that red paint does not take me to my happy place. Now galvanized metal, on the other hand…that is my JAM!

Now I want to show you exactly how I achieved that spray paint galvanized metal look that is oh-so industrial farmhouse chic!

Spray paint is the perfect way to upday ho-hum pieces to fit your own personal look.

Thrifted craft caddy
The spots! The bird! The dust! Oh, la la.

This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience. That means that if you make a purchase, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Read more here.


Spray paint for that galvanized industrial-farmhouse look

If you are a fan of Fixer Upper, you know that galvanized metal finishes are super hot!

In fact, galvanized spinning caddies similar to the one I found go for around $80-$90 on sites like Joss & Main and Houzz, although I did see a similar one on Amazon for about half the price.

Would you believe I got this metal beauty for $6!

All I had to do was find the right kind of paint to use.

I found that industrial-galvanized look I was going for in a can of Rust-Oleum Forged Hammered Antique Pewter spray paint.

Even better, it’s a two-in-one spray paint, meaning that it primes and paints all in one step!

It’s a great spray paint to use on metal.


How to prepare metal for spray painting

Here are all the steps I used to prepare my painted metal for spray painting:

  1. Use paper towels to remove any dust or debris
  2. Spray with a water-vinegar solution (half-half)
  3. Wipe down with a microfiber cloth
  4. Allow the item to fully dry
  5. Use 220 grit sandpaper to rough up all metal surfaces (beware of dust)
  6. Spray again with the water-vinegar solution and wipe fully clean
  7. Allow to dry completely

Once the item to be painted is fully dry again, you are ready to start spraying!

Cleaning metal for spray painting guide


How to prepare to spray paint your item

I don’t exactly have the best location for spray painting.

We live in a townhome community and my house is literally sandwiched between two other people’s houses…not to mention, the driveway and the garage don’t belong to me!

Enter my HomeRight Spray Shelter tent, which I was lucky enough to be gifted with at the Haven blogging conference.

This nifty little spray tent pops up when you want to use it and then folds up into a tidy circle — with its own case AND EVERYTHING. Great for people like me who are short on space!

I also used a 6×9 foot canvas drop cloth to keep things contained even better…my smart friend, Julie at My Wee Abode advised me to put some of the cloth inside the tent to keep the tent spick and span. Thanks, Julie!

Once you have everything set in place, it’s time to start spraying.

Spray painting caddy in HomeRight shelter


How to use spray paint

Going slowly and in sections, you spray the paint back and forth, from top to bottom, moving the can from side to side as you go down. Get as much as you can in one go, but don’t over saturate.

Leave that bit to dry and then come back 30 minutes later to spray a different part.

Let that dry for 30 more minutes, and then continue to spray and allow to dry at 30-minute intervals until you have the item completely covered!

Here is a shot of my caddy in the process of being spray painted.

A half-spray painted craft caddy


How I organized my craft caddy after spray painting

1. Evaluate what you have

While the craft caddy was drying, I took everything I wanted to include in the craft caddy and placed it on the floor to evaluate it.

Items included in craft caddy:

  • Metal and glass containers
  • Vintage paintbrushes (also found at Goodwill)
  • Playdoh
  • Phonics, letter, and picture cards, including my DIY Montessori letter cards
  • Washable paints
  • Regular and gold Elmer’s glue
  • Faux plants and vase (purchased from Target on clearance)

Craft supplies for craft caddy


2. Place the items high to low

Once you get everything laid out, it’s basically like a game of Tetris to get everything place nicely in the caddy.

Think high to low. Place taller items in the back, toward the center and smaller/shorter items towards the front.

Paintbrushes are very tall, so they went to the back, while other shorter items were placed in the front. I hung the faux plants over the side to add a pop of green and some visual appeal.

DIY galvanized spinning caddy


What kinds of metal items do you have you could update with spray paint?

I bet you have tons!

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  1. It looks great! Personally, I love red–as well as galvanized metal–so I probably would have left it the original color. It definitely would have been a tough decision.

    Thank you for sharing the steps to how to do this.

    1. Marla, you are not alone – I have had a LOT of people who said they liked the red better…including my own husband! Just goes to show you how we all have our own taste. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I love the new look of the caddy. I found a lazy Susan that I gave a makeover to and I use it for a craft caddy. Great tips about how to prepare metal for painting. I’d love for you to share with us at our Snickerdoodle Party. It’s open through Tuesday if you’d like to stop by.

  3. Great tutorial, both on painting and organizing/arranging! LOVE the color, too! Will be featured on Tuesday Turn About! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks for the shout out, too! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Hugs!

  4. What a really fantastic find! While I love the chippiness of it in its original state, you’re right about the red. I think your final result and the way you are utilizing it is really great.

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