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8 Incredible Vision Board Examples for 2023 (Copy These NOW!)

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Do you want to make a vision board that works, but you’re stuck on figuring out how to make one? If you copy any one of these eight incredible vision board examples you will end up with a vision board that is not only gorgeous but also incredibly powerful!

Vision boards go by many different names, including mood boards, dream walls, goal boards, and more! Often the only limit to what kind of vision board you can make is your own imagination!

After you see these amazing vision and dream board examples, you will definitely feel inspired to make your own.

Here we go!

Vision board images taped to a wall

What is a Vision Board and How Does it Work?

A vision board is a collection of images, words, quotes, objects, and ideas that help you visualize your goals and achieve your dreams by harnessing the Law of Attraction.

It is basically a visual representation of where you hope to be in the future and what you hope to be doing there.

By putting your board in a visible location and looking at it daily you focus your positive energy on making the things on your board a reality!

Basic Types of Vision Boards

Like I mentioned before, the only limit to what you can create is often your own imagination!

However, most vision boards fall under these basic categories:

  • Collages (on posterboard, corkboard, or even framed)
  • Digital boards (on your computer, phone, or Pinterest)
  • Bullet journals
  • Dream walls
  • Metal or string grids

However, there are plenty more out-of-the-box dream board ideas and they can get pretty creative and artsy, such as the wooden bead garland and upcycled vision board book pictured below!

See what kind of vision board inspires you most and fits into your space and lifestyle and then let your creative juices go WILD!

8 Powerful Vision Board Examples

Here are eight powerful vision board ideas and examples for you to start copying as you make your own vision board.

Pin these dream board examples to remember!

I hope that you enjoyed these vision board ideas and tips!

Make sure to pin this post so that you can look back again when creating your own vision board.

Also, it will come in handy when you want to make a board again next year — now go and get those goals, goal digger!

Two examples of vision boards that work

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