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50 Healing Affirmations for Letting Go and Moving Forward

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Letting go can be challenging, even when the act of holding on causes us pain. Sometimes our past emotions are so strong that no matter how hard we try to move on, we find ourselves stuck in vicious loops of the same feelings. If you’re caught in this soul-crushing cycle, here is a list of affirmations for letting go and moving forward toward a happier and brighter future.

While it’s challenging to let go, knowing when and how to do so is essential.

One characteristic of the happiest people in the world is that they know when it’s time to hold on and when it’s time to let go.

These gentle yet powerful letting go affirmations will encourage you to release old emotions and purge negative thoughts, behaviors, and habits that no longer serve your well-being and growth. But first, let’s dive into how to use these letting go mantras correctly for faster results.

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How to Use Letting Go Affirmations

Remember, affirmations are not the same thing as quotes.

Affirmations are positive statements you repeat to yourself as if they were true to prime your mind for success. On the other hand, quotes are words from famous people or historical figures to read for encouragement or motivation.

Reading a quote might inspire you, but an affirmation is meant to reshape the way you think and feel so that your dreams and goals manifest into reality. (Check out this list of 90+ letting go quotes so you can compare the difference.)

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use these letting go affirmations. Remember, affirmations like this are most potent when practiced regularly and combined with other manifestation techniques, like creating a vision board and setting clear personal goals.

How to Use Affirmations to Let Go in 7 Steps

  1. Read this list of letting go affirmations and mantras.
  2. Notice which affirmations resonate the most with you.
  3. Pick 10+ favorites from this list.
  4. Write them down somewhere you can easily access them, like a journal or in your phone’s notes app.
  5. Say them out loud to yourself every day when you have free time – the more often you repeat them, the stronger the effect.
  6. Feel the words down to the core of your being; believe them to be true.
  7. Recognize the good things in your life as they come to you and accept them with gratitude.

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Best Affirmations to Let Go of the Past and Move Forward

No matter how good or bad your past experiences were, the truth is that if you keep dwelling on them, you might not be opening yourself up to receive the wonderful gifts the future has in store for you.

You don’t have to have everything figured out; just focus on taking that next step to keep you going. Keeping that in mind, here are 50 healing and inspiring affirmations for letting go.

Affirmations to Let Go of the Past and Move On

1. I now consciously decide to let go of my past.

2. I reclaim all of my energy from the past.

3. I am aware of the beauty of the present moment and am ready to cherish it with all my heart.

4. I am ready to create a beautiful future for myself.

5. I now take charge of what I think and how I feel.

6. I choose to feel happy and excited about life.

7. I can see the positive in every circumstance.

8. The past holds no power over me.

9. I am ready for a transformation.

10. I know that only good things are coming my way.

11. I give myself the time and space to heal from the past.

12. All my energies are now focused on my future.

13. I am excited about what the future holds.

14. I am carefully building my future with positive thoughts, feelings, and actions.

15. I let go of my pain.

A woman in a field at sunrise saying affirmations about letting go of the past.

Affirmations to Let Go of Someone

Opening yourself up to love can make you vulnerable to being hurt. Letting go of past loves is hard, even when you know that you should let them go.

Here are affirmations for letting go of someone you loved. It’s time to heal the past hurt and let go of the wounds from painful or toxic relationships so that you can love both yourself and someone else again — when it is time.

16. I am free.

17. I let go of past grudges.

18. I now completely release the hurt and pain from the past.

19. I am worthy of love and being loved. 

20. I am no longer chained to my past troubles.

21. I embrace this new chapter of my life.

22. Saying goodbye to toxic people and relationships is easy for me. 

23. I let go of people, situations, and experiences that no longer serve my highest good.

24. I am now ready to move on with my life. 

25. I am a magnet for healthy and positive relationships. 

Affirmations to Let Go of Fear and Anxiety

26. I am brave

27. I am confident.

28. I am fearless.

29. I let go of overthinking what has happened.

30. I find it easy to let go of negative thoughts.

31. The future is bright for me.

32. I am guided every step of the way.

33. What I want is on the way.

34. My heart and soul are open to receiving miracles.

35. I focus on the things I can control and let go of the things I can’t.

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Affirmations to Let Go of Things

The inability to let go and get rid of stuff you don’t need can also result in accumulating piles of stuff, clutter, and, if taken to an extreme, hoarding disorder.

As a former hoarder-turned-minimalist who had to clear 30 years of clutter, I assure you that it’s so freeing to declutter your home, let go of the past, and reclaim your happiness and peace of mind.

36. Letting go of things that do not serve me is easy.

37. The things that I own do not define me.

38. As I let go of excess clutter, I forgive my past self and choices.

39. I value the openness of a clutter-free home.

40. I embrace my most authentic self.

41. I am worth more than my stuff.

42. I find it easy to say no to buying things that do not align with my values.

43. I am ready, willing, and able to change my relationship with clutter.

44. I recognize that emotions and memories do not reside in objects.

45. As I let go, I heal my past and future.

46. Decluttering is fun and easy.

47. I see a clutter-free life in the near future.

48. I can appreciate something without needing to own it.

49. My home is clean and organized.

50. I collect memories, not objects.

A woman with eyes closed saying letting go affirmations with her hand on her heart

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Final thoughts about these letting go affirmations

Remember, letting go is not a matter of having courage alone but rather something that takes time, patience, and vulnerability.

Which of these affirmations to let go was your favorite?

Let me know the affirmation that resonated the most with you, or share your favorite positive affirmations for letting go – you might just help someone else in need!


  1. Thank you for sending this to me! I have been having trouble with letting go of habits that clearly contribute to the clutter in my house, even though I have already started on the decluttering journey in some corners. This evening I simply read through the 50 affirmations, not particularly slowly or even that thoughtfully, but as I finished, I felt some emotion wash over me and a few tears rolled down my cheeks. I thought, “that is really strange!”; “I wonder why I’m crying?” Clearly, the affirmations touched something deep in my soul that I’m perhaps not emotionally ready to consciously acknowledge. But I was definitely touched deeply. Will be re-reading this list of affirmations regularly, and I pray that I will receive the grace to continue to heal and steadily progress towards freedom!

    1. I am so glad you found this list of affirmations meaningful! Wishing you all the best as you navigate your journey, Lisa. 🙂

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