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45 Organization Tools to Tidy Every Square Inch of Your Home

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Do you feel like you are slowly losing an ongoing battle against clutter in your home? Have you tried to keep your home tidy but notice a constant creep of brick-a-brack oozing out of every corner? Sometimes it can feel like you are missing out on THE SECRET that others use to keep their homes beautifully organized. Today I want to share 45 organization tools that can help you keep every square inch of your home tidy and finally stop that clutter-creep.

45 Organization tools to tidy your home

My life was changed forever a few years ago when I read Marie Kondo’s amazing book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. That book opened my eyes to the realization that I only want to surround myself with items that bring me joy.

It also made me realize that the fight against clutter includes two different phases.

  • Phase One is to reduce the clutter as much as possible through strategic decluttering. Only by decluttering and surrounding yourself with only those items that you love can you truly change your attitude towards clutter.
  • Phase Two includes seeking out storage solutions that help you corral your possessions. When you designate a specific space for an item, that items will return to its space as it pulled by a magnet.

That’s where these 45 organization tools come into play. These organization tools will help you organize every square inch of your home and help you maintain a place for everything and everything in its place.

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Bathroom Organization Tools

Three Tier Bamboo Shelf with Laundry Hamper

Bamboo can give a modern yet sturdy elegance to your bathroom storage. Use this shelf/hamper to keep your small bathroom organized!

Over the Toilet Storage Shelf

If you aren’t making use of the space over the toilet you are missing out. This little shelf unit fits over your toilet to give your small bathroom a much-needed space boost.

Set of Three Elegant Apothecary Lidded Jars

Take your bathroom storage to the next level with these gorgeous and 0h-so functional apothecary jars. They make you look like you are #adulting right!

Metal Under Bathroom Sink Storage Shelf

This little guy hides under your bathroom sink and keeps your bottles and soaps neatly stored in a two-tiered metal tray. It’s great that the feet lift it off the base in case of any leaks!

Clear Shower Curtain with Storage Pockets

Now your shower curtain can do double duty as storage for sponges, soaps, bottles, massage brushes, you name it! Great if you are low on cabinet space.

Rolling Bamboo Storage Cart

This adorable bamboo storage cart can organize towels, bottles, perfumes, etc. It moves around so that you can adjust as needed to suit your bathroom. Neat!

Tall Spinning Makeup Caddy

Now your makeup can be stored stylishly too! This makeup caddy will help keep your uber glam makeup and makeup accessories neat and tidy.

Kitchen Organization Tools

5-Piece Storage Container Set

Food somehow just looks so much more put together when it is stored in these sleek food storage containers. Stack ’em and save space.

Weekly Meal Planner and Shopping List Chart

This weekly meal planner helps you keep track of your meal plan and shopping list so you can save money and shop smart! Great for people who like to meal plan!

8-Piece Gray Interlocking Drawer Organizers

These interlocking drawer organizers are the bomb! Customize them to fit in any drawer and use them to corral coins and other junk drawer clutter.

Sliding Drawer Storage Tower on Wheels

This sliding drawer storage tower can store anything from laundry detergent to condiments to spices. It is designed to be thin and slide into those extra spaces you have around your home. Take measurements of the space before ordering to see if it will fit!

Metal Kitchen Hanging Rack

Your cooking might not be that fancy but no one will be the wiser if you buy this spiffy hanging pot and utensil rack! C’est magnifique, oh la la!

Three Level Can Organizing Rack

Save space on your canned food with this metal organizing rack. It gives you two more levels of can storage and helps keep the labels where you can see them. Genius!

Kitchen Pantry Rack

This simple pantry rack can help you sort all of your cutting boards, cookie sheets, pot lids, etc. All of those large and thin accessories can now be stored vertically to cut on space consumption.

Glam Plastic Six Bottle Wine Rack

Wine cellars are so outdated. Get this sleek and modern six bottle wine rack and take your wine storage to the next level.

Two Tier Handled Wooden Tray

If you have a lot of small items floating around on your kitchen counters then tiered trays are a great solution! They help keep items in their place and make you look like you actually know something about home decor. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Kitchen Utensil Organizer

This nifty little utensil organizer boosts the handles of your utensils up and makes them easy to grab. Much more modern than the usual drawer organizer.

Office Organization Tools

6 Pocket Wall Organizer

On-the-Go Daily and Hourly Planner

A lot of daily planners are cute but not really that functional. If want a good planner that can be used to time block down to the hour, this planner has you covered (and it also comes in many stylish designs!)

Bamboo Office Desk Monitor Stand

This bamboo monitor stand holds up to 80 lbs and has spaces for your phone, stapler, paper clips, and more! Bring some zen to your office with this sturdy and eco-friendly computer stand.

Key and Letter Hanging Organizing Rack

If you are tired of hunting for lost keys every morning and losing track of your bills, this tiny little organizer packs a huge punch! Use it to keep track of letters and keys.

Desktop Organizer Office Storage Rack

This sturdy desktop organizer is great for your home office! You can pack it full of books, office supplies, maybe even some hard-to-kill plants. Vertical is the way to go with organization.

Giant Dry-Erase Wall Calendar

This giant dry-erase wall calendar can help you stay on schedule and keep track of all your appointments this year! It’s easy to clean up with the swipe of an eraser!

Metal Wall Mounted Desk Storage and Organization Unit

A serious wall mounted office organizer for serious organizers only. You can use it to store everything from your office supplies to your landline phone (if you still have one, that is). You can customize it to your specific needs with it’s pegboard-style hanging accessories.

Cable Clip Organizer

If tangled cables are the bane of your existence you will love these cable clip organizer! Use them to keep your cords nicely in their place.

Bedroom Organization Tools

5-Piece Drawer Clothing Organization Set

A place for everything and every shirt in its place! These soft drawer inserts will help keep your clothing neat and tidy; great for KonMari fans who love vertical storage solutions for clothing!

Wire Under the Shelf Storage Baskets

Psst! Did you ever realize all the wasted space you have underneath your shelves? Well, these wire baskets are here to change all that! You just slide them on the underside of your shelving and bam! Instant storage solution.

Honeycomb Sock Drawer Organizer

Instead of letting socks and underwear roll around like little potatoes in your drawer why not get this cute honeycomb style organizer and keep your unmentionables nicely folded. You might even want to make them mentionable, they will look so good!

Over-the-Door Multi-Use Hooked Organizer

This cool, modern over-the-door organizer can be used to hang scarves, hats, purses, you name it. The knobs make sure nothing catches and gets torn. Savvy!

Blouse Tree Hanger

This blouse tree hanger can help you fit more clothing into your closet! It’s especially good for tank tops.

Set of Two Hyacinth Baskets

Hyacinth baskets are great storage solutions in bathrooms, bedrooms, laundry rooms and elsewhere. You can put books, bottles, towels, anything really, inside of them. Super clean-looking and classy!

Set of 5 Wicker Nesting Baskets with Cloth Insert

These are a set of 5 nesting baskets that you can use to store smaller items. I like that they have cloth inserts to keep things extra clean.

Wooden Bookcase and Toy Storage Cubby

Great for kids rooms, this 4-cube cubby is good for books and toys and keeping your child’s room clutter free!

Soft Shelf Dividers, Set of 2

Mudroom Organization Tools

Bamboo Three-Tier Shoe Rack

This airy bamboo storage rack is eco-friendly and easy to clean. It holds around 9-12 pairs of adult shoes.

Rustic Brown Wood Wall Mounted Command Center

Command centers don’t only keep your stuff organized; they keep your schedule organized! This is one of the best prices I have ever seen on a ready-made command center. Great if you like a rustic, farmhouse look!

24 Pair Shoe Cubby Bench Storage Unit

This absolutely adorable shoe cubby doubles as a bench. You can sit on it while putting shoes on in the morning. At 24 pairs, this is one of the biggest shoe storage units out there (it also comes in white and rustic brown.)

Wall Mounted Broom and Mop Storage Rack

Your cleaning supplies deserve a little love too! Keep your cleaning supplies clean with this organized rack that mounts right on your wall.

Boot Butler Storage Rack

This is one of the coolest boot storage solutions I have ever seen! This hanging organizer keeps boots nice and straight, hanging them in such a way that you can fit 5 pairs on one hanger. Seriously, so cool.

Garage Organization Tools

Overhead Garage Storage Rack

Metal 4-Tier Shelf Unit

No bells and whistles, just good storage solutions. This sturdy metal unit can help get your garage more organized. It also works well in kitchen pantries.

Hanging Bicycle Rack

Bicycles can take up a lot of space in your garage. Get them off the floor and onto the wall with a handing bicycle rack. (I even had a friend in Chicago who made hers a conversation piece on her living room wall!)

44-Piece Wall Mounted Grage Storage Organizer

If you are a guy or gal that loves tinkering around in your garage, you will love this giant wall organizer that has hanging hooks and buckets to hold all of your tools, small parts, and doodads.

Bucket Boss Bucket Tool Bag

Great for anyone working on their car or those who love gardening, this bucket comes with handy pouches for sorting tools and parts.

Honey-Can-Do Folding Trunk Organizer

This organizer helps keep everything you need in the palm of your hand — in your trunk! It works for tools; it is also great for keeping families organized on long car rides (like storing snacks, diapers, and other child accessories.)

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