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10-Page Declutter Checklist + Things to Get Rid of NOW! [Free PDF]

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Are you struggling to get rid of the clutter in your home? Do you feel sick and tired of being constantly surrounded by mess and want to declutter, but you don’t know where or how to start? If so, then this declutter checklist is for you!

Consider this the ULTIMATE list of things to declutter, along with plenty of decluttering tips and tricks to help you get your home decluttered faster.

Let’s dive in!

A printable home declutter checklist with over 600 things to get rid of and steps to declutter your home

๐Ÿ“‹ How to Use this Decluttering checklist

With a little bit of planning and effort, and of course, this fantastic decluttering checklist, you’ll be ready to declutter your home in no time flat.

This post is packed from start to finish with practical ideas on what and how to declutter. At the end of this article you’ll find the free 10-page decluttering checklist printable PDF you can print out and use as a reference.

If you are brand new to decluttering, you might find this post on how to declutter your entire home to be helpful and motivating.

Decluttering lists are great, but sometimes the hardest part of decluttering home isn’t knowing what to declutter but how to start decluttering!

๐Ÿ‘‹ Easy decluttering tips 

These decluttering lists are meant to make decluttering as easy as possible and to give you some quick decluttering wins to help give you more space in your home.

As you free up the space, you’ll find that you breathe easier, feel lighter, and build confidence that you can do this! Here are a few simple decluttering tips to set you up for maximum success.

1. Know where to get rid of stuff

Many people have no trouble decluttering but find it hard to get the clutter out of their homes. The longer you let decluttered items sit in your entryway or the trunk of your car, the more likely you’ll be to waver and bring the clutter back into your home.

Before you start decluttering, know how you want to get rid of the clutter once you’re done. The goal is to make a choice about what to declutter once and once only.

The faster you get it out, the less likely you’ll be to bring it back inside and re-clutter your home. Here are 50+ ways to get rid of stuff after decluttering.

2. Sort as you go

Along with knowing how to get rid of your clutter, the next tip is to prepare boxes, bins, and bags in advance so that you can sort as you go.

As you declutter, all you have to do is put unwanted items in the appropriate container, and then send them on to their new homes right after the decluttering is done.

Here are the most common sorting boxes:

  • Donate
  • Sell
  • Give or gift
  • Recycle
  • Trash
  • Re-home

3. Set the right decluttering goals

Picture yourself as a giant battery; as you go through your day, the things you spend time doing slowly drain you of energy.

Of course, you can do things to charge and replenish yourself, such as sitting to drink a cup of tea or taking a nap, but you still only have a finite amount of time and energy to accomplish things – and that’s why you need to set reasonable goals!

Don’t try to bite off more than you can chew if your schedule is already jam-packed because that’s a surefire way to get overwhelmed, lose motivation, and throw in the towel.

Start small and tackle zones or categories you can finish in a set amount of time. It might help you set a timer for 15 or 30 minutes and do what you can in that amount of time. The point isn’t to do it all but to do what you can and take small and achievable steps that keep moving you towards your big picture goals.

“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”

– Confucius

4. Pump up your decluttering motivation

Remember, when the going gets tough, the tough get going! What makes you feel inspired and motivated to declutter and, most importantly, get up and moving?

When you lose decluttering momentum, go back to your tried-and-true motivation techniques to boost your morale.

Here are top favorite ideas:

A woman listing to music as she follows a decluttering list of things to get rid of in her home

โฐ 100 Things to Get Rid of Fast

Here is a list of 100 things to get rid of in your home, with ten zones to concentrate your efforts for fast decluttering results.

Unless you are a hoarder or highly sentimental person, you should find it easy to get rid of this stuff.

If you are a hoarder or have trouble with sentimental clutter, you might need extra hand-holding to start decluttering. As a recovered emotional hoarder and highly sensitive person myself, I want to assure you there is absolutely nothing wrong with that or you – and you can still be successful!

Here are a few links to help you when decluttering is hard.

A woman on a yellow couch excited to declutter with a free declutter checklist printable

Bathroom declutter list

  1. Expired makeup
  2. Makeup in the wrong shade or color
  3. Expired medications
  4. Dry nail polish
  5. Old perfume
  6. Broken or worn-out ponytail ties
  7. Hair accessories you don’t wear
  8. Hot hair tools you never use
  9. Cleaning supplies you don’t like
  10. Contacts or glasses in the wrong prescription

Living and family room declutter list

  1. Extra couch pillows
  2. Scratched CDs or DVDs
  3. Movies you don’t watch
  4. Broken TVs, video game consoles, Stereos, etc
  5. Old remote controls
  6. Burnt out candles
  7. Worn out or excess throw blankets
  8. Old magazines
  9. Dead plants
  10. Home decor or collectibles you don’t like

Kitchen declutter list

  1. Storage containers with missing lids
  2. Mismatched dishes and cups
  3. Appliances you never use
  4. Cooking utensils you never use
  5. Duplicate tools or utensils
  6. Outdated kitchen gadgets
  7. Old, yucky, or excess pot holders
  8. Too many coffee mugs
  9. Unused cookbooks
  10. Takeout sauces, napkins, and cutlery

Pantry declutter list

  1. Specialty recipe ingredients older than 6 months
  2. Stale food
  3. Expired food
  4. Food you tried but don’t enjoy eating
  5. Unused condiments in the fridge
  6. Teas you don’t enjoy
  7. Old candies
  8. Old holiday chocolates
  9. Excess storage containers and jars
  10. Unused canning supplies

Closet declutter list

  1. Socks or undergarments with holes in them
  2. Bras and underwear that aren’t comfortable
  3. Clothing in the wrong size
  4. Clothes you haven’t worn in 6 months
  5. Shoes you haven’t worn in 6 months
  6. Shoes that are uncomfortable or hurt your feet
  7. Fantasy self clothing (read more about that in this blog post)
  8. Bridesmaid dresses
  9. Jewelry that’s broken or missing pieces
  10. Broken or scratched sunglasses

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Bedroom declutter list

  1. Pillows that are flat or lumpy
  2. Extra clothes hampers
  3. Lamps and lights you don’t use
  4. Books and paper clutter on the nightstand
  5. Art or figurines you don’t enjoy
  6. Remove stuff under the bed
  7. Re-home items that don’t belong
  8. Drinking glasses and mugs
  9. Alarm clocks
  10. Clutter on top the nightstand or dresser

Linens and laundry declutter list

  1. Sheets with holes or stains
  2. Sheets that don’t fit your bed
  3. Towels with holes or fraying
  4. Tablecloths you never use
  5. Shower curtains you don’t love
  6. Too many rags
  7. Laundry care supplies you never use (i.e., iron or board, starches, steamers, etc.)
  8. “To mend” items you’ve had longer than 3 months
  9. Stained, worn, or unwanted placemats
  10. Cleaning supplies you never use

Office and paper clutter list

  1. Empty pens
  2. Broken pencils
  3. Extra cords
  4. Old and broken electronic devices
  5. Receipts
  6. Expired or dead batteries
  7. Outdated stamps or stationary (like an old address)
  8. Old business cards
  9. Junk mail
  10. Outdated planners or journals

Garage declutter list

  1. Old paint cans
  2. Tools you never use
  3. Used-up lightbulbs
  4. Holiday decorations you don’t love or haven’t used in years
  5. Exercise equipment you never use
  6. Gear for sports you don’t enjoy or play anymore
  7. Outdoor furniture you never use or is broken/worn down
  8. Empty cardboard boxes
  9. Tools that are broken or have pieces missing
  10. Too many extras or duplicates

Kids stuff declutter list

  1. Toys they have outgrown
  2. Broken toys
  3. Unmatched socks
  4. Socks with holes
  5. Pants with holes in the knees
  6. Clothing with non-removable stains
  7. Too-small clothing
  8. Puzzles with missing pieces
  9. Extra sippy cups
  10. Used up arts and crafts supplies

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โœ… Download the free printable declutter checklist PDF

Whew, that was a lot, wasn’t it? But it feels great to get rid of all that stuff! Now that we’ve gone through those ten clutter zones, here is the free 10-page decluttering printable.

Inside this declutter workbook, you’ll find:

  • 600+ ideas for things to declutter in your ENTIRE home
  • meaningful quotes to keep you motivated to clear the clutter
  • a 5-step visual guide on how to declutter
  • 15 decluttering questions to ask yourself to make choices easier
  • more ideas to continue + join a minimalist community to stay inspired!

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๐Ÿ‘‰ What to do after you print your decluttering list

If you’re looking for more decluttering tips and ideas to help you declutter your home and life, here are a few helpful resources to check out.

Thanks so much, and I wish you all the best as you declutter your home – good luck!

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