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20 Lovely Minimalist Christmas Tree Ideas for A Simple, Elegant Holiday

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These modern minimalist Christmas tree ideas will fill your holiday with maximum delight! Prepared to be inspired, because these Christmas trees prove simplicity is stunning.

If you are looking forward to a minimalist Christmas, with more jolly and less folly, then these 20 minimalist Christmas trees are just the ticket.

A girl holding a miniature minimalist Christmas tree

20 Modern Minimalist Christmas Tree Ideas

Here are nineteen awesome Christmas tree ideas that will speak to your modern minimalist spirit!

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1. Know how to care for your real minimalist Christmas tree

The most beautiful minimalist Christmas trees are the ones that are lovingly cared for; find out how to pamper your real Christmas tree with the ultimate guide to selecting, caring for, and decorating your tree from Lauren at Bless’er House.

Hint: snip some of those beautiful tree branches off, and you can also make a really cool wintery gift for the kiddos.

A minimalist christmas tree with farmhouse decor

2. Make a statement with a white minimalist Christmas tree

White Christmas trees look chic and elegant even with minimal decorating

Just consider this white Christmas tree from Rachel at Smile and Wave — I bet you would never guess that those gorgeous geometric gold ornaments are actually pipe cleaners!

Talk about creative genius!

A white minimalist christmas tree with gold ornaments

3. Make a bold statement with a colorful tree & minimal ornaments

This blue Christmas tree from Charlotte At Charlotte’s House is only decorated with a few family photographs and ornaments yet still manages to deliver a major ‘wow’ effect.

A small and colorful tree would be a welcome addition to any child’s bedroom.

A colorful minimalist blue Christmas tree

4. Decorate your Christmas tree with one color

Monochrome Christmas trees are all the rage!

This white minimalist Christmas tree is also decorated with white lights and white ornaments, giving a stunning winter wonderland effect.

You would never guess that Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage put this all together for only $30!

White flocked minimalist Christmas tree

5. DIY an alternative Christmas tree from natural materials

What could be more minimalist than using natural materials to create your very own Christmas tree?

This coastal chic Christmas tree was made from driftwood – Jane and Sonja from Sustain My Craft Habit can show you how to put one together too, easily.

A minimalist wood Christmas tree made from driftwood

6. Use a beautiful Christmas tree stand to accentuate your minimalist tree

If you have a beautiful tree already, all you need is a few minimalist Christmas lights (aren’t those candles lovely?) and a statement tree stand, and you are all set!

Jennifer from Dear Lillie Studio really nailed this look — loving that galvanized metal Christmas tree stand!

Minimalist Christmas tree lights on a green tree

7. Use neutral-colored minimalist decorations for a Scandinavian-style Christmas tree

My friend Katrin at Northern Feeling is all about that less stuff life.

She will show you how to use very simple neutral Christmas decorations and lights to create a nice Scandi-style effect.

A scandinavian minimalist Christmas tree with ornaments

8. Go retro with a funky aluminum modern Christmas tree

This minimalist modern Christmas tree is oh-so retro!

If you didn’t know, aluminum Christmas trees had a heyday between the 1950s and 1960s, and they can be found at garage sales, estate sales, and online thrift stores — sometimes selling for premium prices!

If you are lucky enough to find an aluminum Christmas tree for a great price you can do what Jenny from Suburban Pop did and just accentuate its minimalist beauty with a few colorful ornaments.

A white aluminum minimalist Christmas tree with colorful ornaments

9. Use natural elements to decorate your minimalist Christmas tree

I love that Courtenay from Creek Line House used all-natural materials to decorate her Christmas tree!

Giant pinecones, dried hydrangeas, tufts of blueberries, and other bits and bobbles accentuate the beauty of the green pine tree. 

Close up of a minimalist Christmas tree with natural ornaments

10. Seriously, natural orange garlands look oh-so-stunning

Just LOOK at these apple and orange natural decorations from Cami at Tidbits!

I can’t believe how gorgeous these look when they are hung up on the tree and they also give the air a pleasant holiday aroma.

A bowl of natural orange and apple decorations being hung on a Christmas tree.

11. Save space with ultra-minimalist wooden Christmas trees

Don’t feel like messing with a Christmas tree OR just want to save a bit of money & space?

Ashley Rose from Sugar & Cloth has the perfect project!

These adorable mini Christmas trees are so easy that children can help make them — and they look totally gorgeous stacked on any table or flat surface.

Great for tiny houses that still want to celebrate Christmas in style, or just anyone who loves minimalist DIY projects.

Three wooden minimalist Christmas trees on a platter

12. Think outside of the box and upcycle a minimalist tree from thrift store materials

Sarah from Sadie Seasongoods is the queen of upcycling and you can totally see why with her adorable upcycled Christmas coffee mug tree!

Upcycling thrifted items into household decor isn’t just practical, it’s smart! Upcycling breathes new life into old stuff and gives it a second chance. I personally love using things I have already lying around the home to create something special.

Upcycled thrift store minimalist Christmas tree

13. Allow minimalist Christmas tree lights to speak for themselves

Allow a beautiful Christmas tree to speak for itself with only a few white lights as accents. 

This stunning Christmas tree from Rachel at Maison de Pax is natural and bright! It fills this dining room with its wintery wonder. 

Love seeing that green alongside the lovely copper mugs!

Beautiful minimalist Christmas tree lights on a green tree

14. Go skinny with a primitive minimalist Christmas tree

Dianne from Hidden Springs Homestead shows how delightful simplicity can be with this primitive Christmas tree.

Also called German feather trees or German twig trees, this little cutie will remind you of a Charlie Brown Christmas!

 A primitive Christmas tree painted green

15. A flocked minimalist Christmas tree can really stand out

A flocked Christmas tree decorated with a few neutral ornaments can really make a big impact.

Julia from Tag & Tibby can show you how to decorate your flocked Christmas tree for a holly, jolly minimalist Christmas.

A green flocked minimalist Christmas tree

16. Use a wooden dowel Christmas tree you can put anywhere

Wooden dowel trees (like this miniature one seen below) make great minimalist Christmas trees!

You can dress them up or down and change styles as many times as you like. We love our Scandinavian-style modern dowel Christmas tree – I even dressed it up with edible ornaments once!

A wooden dowel tree decorated with a colorful felt ball garland

17. Make your small Christmas tree into a lovely centerpiece

Have your Christmas tree serve double duty as a centerpiece!

You can use a young tree, a small pine tree branch, or a faux miniature tree to pull this look off.

It’s a look that is pretty and functional!

A girl holding a miniature minimalist Christmas tree

18. Remember the very spirit of Christmas

How cute is this mini Grinch Christmas tree from Stephaine Rose at Garden Therapy?

Sometimes we need to be reminded that the spirit of Christmas isn’t something that comes from presents, food, or even decorations — it’s how we come together and treat each other.

A minimalist Grinch Christmas tree

19. No floor space? Put your Christmas tree on the wall!

If you are really cramped for space, why not just let your wall serve as your Christmas tree?

This DIY minimalist wall Christmas tree from Jael at The Tarnished Jewel Blog uses shelf paper to carve out a lovely space on your wall for a 2 dimensional Christmas tree.

Just use a bit of garland or swag, and your DIY wall decal Christmas tree is good to go!

A minimalist wall Christmas tree with garland

20. You can even create a wall Christmas tree from natural materials!

Loving the wall Christmas tree idea but want something a little more natural?

Use twigs and lights to create a glowing Christmas tree, like Andie from The Mummy Front did; this would look amazing with ornaments hanging down as well.

A twig wall Christmas tree with lights

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